Aset Shemsu – The Retinue of Isis


Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no more than an inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. Thus, one hears such inquiries as, “How can I get initiated into the Mysteries of the Goddess? How can I experience a closer communion with her? Where are her nearest temples and devotees? How can I join the priesthood of the Goddess?”, and many other such questions.

The Fellowship of Isis has been founded to answer these needs. Membership provides means of promoting a closer communion between the Goddess and each member, both singly and as part of a larger group. There are hundreds of Iseums and thousands of members all over the world, since the Fellowship was founded in 1976 by Lawrence, Pamela and Olivia Durdin-Robertson. Love, Beauty and Truth are expressed through a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-racial Fellowship. The good in all faiths is honored. The Fellowship of Isis has no particular affiliations.

The Fellowship is organized on a democratic basis. All members have equal privileges within it, whether as a single member or part of an Iseum or Lyceum. This manifesto applies also to the daughter societies: the College Of Isis, the Spiral of the Adepti, the Spiral of Alchemy, the Noble Order of Tara, and the Druid Clan of Dana.

The Fellowship respects the freedom of conscience of each member. There are no vows required or commitments to secrecy. All Fellowship activities are optional and members are free to resign without question. Membership is free.

The Fellowship reverences all manifestations of Life. The God also is venerated. The Rites exclude any form of sacrifice, whether actual or symbolic. Nature is revered and conserved. The work of the Noble Order of Tara is for conservation of Nature.

The Fellowship accepts religious toleration, and is not exclusivist. Members are free to maintain other religious allegiances. Membership is open to all of every religion, tradition and race. Children, listed as “Children of Isis”, are welcomed, subject to parental consent. The “Animal Family of Isis” accepts members’ animal and bird friends through centres.

The Fellowship believes in the promotion of Love, Beauty and Abundance. No encouragement is given to asceticism. The Fellowship seeks to develop friendliness, psychic gifts, happiness, and compassion for all life. The Druid Clan of Dana develops Nature’s psychic gifts.

The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, The FOI itself, it has always been alive in the Inner Planes. It is from these Inner Planes that its return has been inspired. Magi degrees may be conferred through Lyceums of the College. Correspondence courses are offered. There are no vows nor secrecy.

Iseums are the very Hearths of the Goddess, or Goddess and God to Whom they are dedicated. These are listed, along with Lyceums in every Isian News. Tara Priories and Dana Groves are also listed regularly. All these centers and Isian News are for FOI members only.

The Archpriesthood Union of the FOI Priesthood, together with the ArchDruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara (FOI Foundation Union Triad) are Guardians to inspire the ideals of the Fellowship of Isis. All members are equal, and are not subject to anyone. All work with the Goddess – or Goddess and God – of their own Faith. Every Being – human, animal, bird, tree – element – is an eternal offspring of the Divine Family of the Mother Goddess.

Purpose and Ethics of the Fellowship of Isis

Message Received From
The Rt. Rev. Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis
And the Rev. Cressida Pryor, Olivia’s Successor
November 29, 2012


All operations within the Fellowship of Isis are based on the principles of the Manifesto, which promote truth, beauty, healing, compassion, kindness and reverence for all life. All members act in accordance with the ideals of the Goddess Isis as the Compassionate, Loving Mother of All Beings. No act of submission, domination, exploitation, physical trial or ordeal, including physical or mental wounding or ‘sacred sex working’ and prostitution will be tolerated within the practice of the FOI. Activities which are not in alignment with the principles of the FOI Manifesto are grounds to revoke FOI Priestess/Priesthood and/or FOI Membership.


Purpose and Ethics within the Fellowship of Isis
A Consensus of FOI Custodians

I. What the Fellowship of Isis Is
On November 15, 2002, FOI co-founder Lady Olivia Robertson issued the following statement:

I would like to correct an inaccuracy in the definition of the Fellowship of Isis as a Pagan organization. We are happy to have 1000’s of Pagans among our 21,000 members in so many countries. But we also have Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Spiritualists and Hindus as members. All love and follow the religion of Isis of 10,000 Names.

Blessings of Isis,
Olivia Robertson, AU

II. Purpose and Ethics
The purpose of the Fellowship of Isis is to bring back a very specific spiritual path, which FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson and the two other FOI Co-Founders, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson called a return of the Religion of the Goddess. Of this, FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson has written:

“The religion of the Goddess centres around the Hearth. Whether this be the inner sun flaming within the matrix of our earth, or the sun itself, this is the source of manifested life. Within the body of all mothers, whether Goddesses, women, female creatures that give birth to egg or seed, the inner fire is the Divine Centre. In this nucleus is our own heart’s life, that heart whose rhythmic beating keeps us alive and sets moving the rhythmic Dance of Creation.”

Members of the Fellowship of Isis and the priestesses and priests of the Fellowship of Isis honor and reference all forms of life as though each human being and every living creature, and the entire earth is a part of their own body, is a child from their body. We reverence all life and the earth, and we treat all life and the earth with gentleness and compassion.

According to the principles of the Fellowship of Isis, we have an obligation to treat the bodies of others and our own bodies as temples of the Goddess. As Olivia has written: “We carry our temples about us.” Our bodies house our hearts, which are the altars of the Goddess, the place where Deity and Devotee meet.

This is the true work of the Fellowship of Isis – to help each member create and foster a personal connection with Deity. In the Fellowship of Isis, this connection is accomplished through use of meditation, and the guided journeys, oracles and rituals of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy; and through oracles and rituals brought through members of the priestess/priesthood, whose work is based upon the founding principles of the Fellowship of Isis.

We are a spiritual organization, based on practices of meditation, guided journeys and rituals. After ritual, the participants typically have a time of meditation and then share reports of their experiences and offer thanks to the Deities before sending out rays of healing and compassion for all in need.

We do not believe in the idea of sacrifice, whether real or symbolic. This includes not only animal sacrifice but acts which are sometimes considered in other spiritual traditions to be sacrifices made by a human being to their Deity, which include branding, cutting, mutilation of the body in any way, shape, or form. We do not subscribe to the ideas of submission or domination, whether real or symbolic.

Our spiritual tradition espouses equality on every level at all times. We do this to balance the effects of thousands of years of patriarchy. We endeavor to live our lives as representatives of the Great Mother and to foster a connection with Deity. Members often undertake support of various charities to help others. Members often take part in environmental causes to protect nature and the earth. This is the focus of the Fellowship of Isis.

There are many ways to attain a different level of consciousness. But the Fellowship of Isis does not endorse all those various means. We are not all encompassing and embracing of the practices of all paths within our organization. The Fellowship of Isis is tolerant of other paths and traditions, honoring and recognizing that which is good in them, which is an entirely different thing.

From the Fellowship of Isis Central Site, FOI Manifesto
Please see the full statement at Statement of Ethics